Peppertree Ranch California

Show Information

  • All classes entered on day of show will cost the post entry price.
  • The age of the exhibitor on Jan. 1 shall be maintained throughout the competition calendar year.
  • Management reserves the right to cancel or combine classes.
  • Classes will be split if numbers warrant it.
  • Poles and x-rail riders may not cross enter into any jumping class over 2’ in height. Trotting and simple changes are not penalized.
  • No dogs are permitted anywhere on the grounds, anytime — STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  • All riders, whether showing or not, shall wear hard hats and boots. Approved protective headgear must be worn when riding anywhere on the grounds. Junior riders must have chinstraps fastened whenever mounted.
  • Every person riding on show grounds must sign or have a parent or guardian sign a release form.
  • Any rider showing more than one horse must tell the gate person if there is a tack change.
  • If you need to add or scratch a class, please do so at the office.

Points awarded as follows:

Number in class1st2nd3rd4th5th
4 or more106421


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